Review of KinnamanísďThe Economic Impact of Shale Gas Extraction: A Review of Existing Studies.ĒPublished in Ecological Economic.Review by Matthew Rousu


This is a good paper.This article made it through the peer-review process, meaning other scholars had to independently review this paper and they deemed it worthy of publication.That doesnít ensure there wonít be errors, but it is likely to lead to a higher-quality paper.

The one item he discusses in the paper that I donít think is as revealing is the comparison of incomes in places with drilling to without.With the dozens (or hundreds) of factors that affect incomes in one area versus another, I think itís tough to get insight into whatís happening.That might be nitpicking for things to complain about, however.

Itís not a coincidence that a high-quality paper was published and hence made it through the peer review process.As Kinnaman discusses on page one, the lack of the peer review process for economic impact studies is a big problem, and is part of the reason I started this website.When economic impact studies arenít independently peer reviewed, it is much easier for both intentional and unintentional errors to remain in a paper.