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Here we'll post economic impact studies done on colleges and universities in the United States. There are no reviews here (yet) of these studies, but we hope to provide an easy place to find economic impact studies. We have studies from over 10 states up now, with studies from more states coming soon!


Links to Studies Estimating the Economic Impact of Universities and Colleges


Athens University

Auburn University

University of Alabama


University of Alaska 2012

University of Alaska 2008


University of Arizona


Arkansas State University

University of Arkansas


Concordia University - Link to Study

Humboldt State University - Link to Study

Otis College of Art and Design - Link to Study

Stanford University - Link to Study

University of California - Link to Study

University of California at San Francisco - Link to Study

University of the Pacific - Link to Study

University of Southern California - Link to Study


University of Colorado Boulder


University of Bridgeport- Link to Study

Western Connecticut State University- Link to Study

Manchester Community College- Link to Study

Tunxis Community College- Link to Study


University of Delaware


University of Miami

Florida Gulf University

University of Florida


University of Georgia System


University of Hawaii


Boise State University

University of Idaho


Lindenwood University

University of Illinois


Indiana University Bloomington

Indiana University and Indiana University Health


University of Iowa


Kansas University

Kansas Independent Colleges and Universities


Louisiana State University System

Louisiana State University

University of Louisiana System


University of Maine- Link to Study

Maine's Public Universities-Link to Study


University of Baltimore

University of Maryland


Western New England College- Link to Study

Becker College- Link to Study

Boston University- Link to Study

Colleges and Universities in Southeastern Massachusetts- Link to Study

Salem State University- Link to Study

Public Higher Education in Massachusetts- Link to Study


Eastern Michigan University

Michigan's Public Universities

Michigan's University Research Corridor


Minnesota State University

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities


University of Missouri


Montana's Medical School

Montana State University

University of Montana


University of Nebraska Medical Center

Creighton University

University of Montana Kearney


University of Nevada, Las Vegas

New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire- Link to Study

University System of New Hampshire-Link to Study

Keene State College- Link to Study

New Hampshire's Colleges and Universities- Link to Study

New Jersey
Montclair State University - Link to Study

Rutgers University - Link to Study

William Paterson University - Link to Study

New Mexico

University of New Mexico

New Mexico State University





New York

Buffalo State Univeristy of New York - Link to Study

Colleges and Universities of Western New York - Link to Study

Colleges and Universities of New York City - Link to Study

Colleges and Universities of Long Island - Link to Study

Cornell University - Link to Study

Higher Education in Tompkins County - Link to Study

New York University - Link to Study

Pace Univeristy - Link to Study

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Link to Study

Skidmore College - Link to Study

State University of New York - Link to Study

Stony Brook University - Link to Study

SUNY Cortland - Link to Study

SUNY Plattsburgh - Link to Study

University of Rochester - Link to Study

North Carolina

Appalachian State University

University of North Carolina - Asheville

North Dakota

North Dakota University


Bowling Green State University


Southwestern Oklahoma State University - Weatherford/Sayre

Lincoln Memorial University


University of Oregon

Oregon Health & Science University

University of Oregon Medical Center

Pennsylvania - Multiple Colleges/Universities

Select Greater Philadelphia - Impact of Higher Education in Greater Philadelphia - Link to Study

Armstrong - Pennyslvania State System of Higher Education - Link to Study

Burke et al. - Pennsylvania's Independent Colleges and Universities - Link to Study

Kooti - Pennsyvlania State System of Higher Education - Link to Study

Pennsylvania - Studies on Individual Colleges/Universities

Duquesne University - Link to Study

Edinboro University - Link to Study

Gettysburg College - Link to Study

La Salle University - Link to Study

Mercyhurst University - Link to Study

Muhlenburg College - Link to study

Pennsylvania State University - Link to Study

University of Pittsburgh - Link to Study

University of Scranton - Link to Study

Stokes - Immaculata University - Link to Study

Villanova University - Link to Study

Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island- Link to Study

South Carolina

Publicly Supported Higher Education on Charleston

Clemson University

Coastal Carolina University

South Dakota

South Dakota Public University System


Tennessee Private, Non-Profit Colleges

Higher Education Institutions in Middle Tennessee

Lincoln Memorial University and DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine

University of Tennessee Knoxville

University of Tennessee System

Vanderbilt University


Angelo State University

Texas Tech University

Higher Education System on Texas

Texas State University

Texas A&M Home Football Games

University of Texas Pan American


Utah State University

Utah Science Technology and Research Initiative

Utah Valley University

Vita Southern Utah University


Champlain College- Link to Study

Sterling College- Link to Study

Vermont College of Fine Arts- Link to Study


James Madison University

George Mason University

Liberty University

University of Virginia


Washington State University

Eastern Washington University

University of Washington

West Virginia

West Virginia Higher Education Institutions

West Virginia University Home Football Games

West Virginia Education, Research, and Technology Park

West Virginia University


University of Wisconsin System

University of Wisconsin Platteville

University of Wisconsin Steven's Point


University of Wyoming








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